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What Does Stardust Taste Like?

What does stardust taste like?

Burning for everything and yet nothing Day in day out, soon robbed of fire Just ashes where your heart was still burning Always looking for stardust

Hate, love, cry, doubt You finish life in the wheel of life You drowned in nonsense in search of sense Just image of yourself wasting breathing

One time you want to taste stardust Sticky longing tearing your chest apart That you were a part of what you were looking for Never been aware on your way

Your friends you only saw in the fog Say goodbye, standing hand in hand in the trellis And because you were just looking for yourself, you'll probably never be found Falling into stardust and... they look for you

(Dedicated to all those who want to taste stardust while overlooking that no stars would shine at all without them)

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