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An Homage to Life & Paul Ramsey

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Artwork by Sergo-Z

With gratitude we present words by Assya Kuzmina.

December is the time for results.

I'll write my own.

For a very long time, the dream of the author's PlayBack theater lives with me. About a theater in which the audience has the opportunity to see their life on stage. And feel that he is present in the world and that other people react to his story - empathize, rejoice, be sad, be surprised...

In the PlayBack theater, every story is revealed with the help of actors, like a flower: it fills with additional meanings, finds depth... and it won't happen again.

And this dream is still a dream of a new one, 2022...

But this 2021 I got a new niche. I met at the Катерина Печуричко и узнала о Death Cafe в России conference. And tried to be in this format.

Death cafe is a meeting of people, usually strangers, for a completely informal communication on the subject of death and life. This is a safe space where you can tell your stories, express your opinion on the topic of death, its friendship, its impact on life and the living.

Discussion on the topic of death, the departure of loved ones and strangers, some fears and impressions helps to appreciate and love life in its fullness. And I share that opinion.

Since 2016, meetings have been held in the format of Death cafe in Russia. In 2021 - in 15 cities. From the fall of 2021 I also have these meetings. Come on over.

P.S. and thanks again to Sergey Zagarovski for his work. Another one of his ommas.

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